Discover Your Life Purpose Course

A step-by-step process that discovers your unique life purpose and gives you the clarity and certainty for your life so that you can reach your full potential.

In this course, you will go from feeling lost and frustrated to having the clarity of what your life purpose is with the confidence knowing what direction you should go in.

Discover Your Life Purpose Course

A step-by-step process that discovers your unique life purpose and gives you the clarity and certainty for your life so that you can reach your full potential.

In this course, you will go from feeling lost and frustrated to having the clarity of what your life purpose is with the confidence knowing what direction you should go in.

Before I tell you about this life-changing course, let's talk about who this is really for...

You’re someone that has an inner feeling that you’re here in this life to do something meaningful – to make an impact, to make a difference in other people’s lives in some way but you just haven’t figured out what it is you’re meant to be doing and what direction to go in (yet!).

Whether you’re…

discover your life purpose course

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how this “Discover Your Life Purpose Course” (what I call the Pilot’s Manual 😀) will give you exactly what you need to discover your life purpose along with unparalleled support on your journey to turning your purpose into profits.

By completing this online course, you will have:

What students said about this Discover Your Life Purpose Course...

This has been a great experience to correct the course of my life, follow the navigation for the journey ahead and spread my wings to take me to a much higher altitude than I could have imagined before.

This course changed the course of my life in a way that I feel energized, exhilarated and can hardly wait to start making the changes I need to make, to fulfil my purpose in life.

I would recommend this course to everyone to be honest.

This course will help you live your authentic life and become self-actualized. I love the personal touch that Paul provides to those who get stuck on their way through the course. He is an amazing guide. This course is life changing, easy to follow and oh so inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Violetta Grzesko – President – Paragon Transformative Academy – Canada
Life Purpose Course Testimonial

Before doing this course I was looking for fulfilment and the reason why I am here on this planet. I was on a constant search for answers that never came.

Initially I was concerned would I get the answers I needed to feel fulfilled and know what my life purpose is. I was so wrong. I did get the clarity I was looking for.

It is such a big body of work I am still processing the results in my head. The idea of never having to search for someone to provide me with answers any longer is extremely reassuring to say the least.

You NEED to do this course. This course will change your life. It is an extremely thought provoking, inner questioning piece of work. Truly excellent!!!!

Anneliese Duffy Fallon – CEO – Clothing Manufacturer – Ireland

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What other students said about this Discover Your Life Purpose Course...

This course resonated with me on a deep level. Realizing that the evidence and information I needed to discover my life purpose has been with me since birth and that the Universe does work in Divine Order along with the knowledge that my soul has a specific blueprint that is unique to me. This course has given me the direction and guidance I need in order to be in alignment with my soul contract. What I’m here to do in this lifetime. I feel excited in knowing now what my life’s purpose is and how I can be of service to others. I would absolutely recommend this course to everyone! They will get a deeper understanding of who they are and what they’re here to do in this lifetime. It was an intense journey for me but I’m so incredibly grateful for Paul and the amazing material within this course! The amount of support that Paul provided throughout my experience was awesome. He responded to all my questions. I found the Q&A sessions to be of great value and learned so much more being in the zoom meetings and listening to other individuals questions!
Theresa Allen
Coach & Advisor – USA
This course was exactly what I needed to gain confidence to know what steps to take next in my business. The material and flow of the course was captivating and easy to understand. Paul offered support all along the way, and for that I am very grateful. It is amazing that in one day I discovered so much about myself, and feel such clarity on my unique life purpose!
Mary Moore
Mary Moore
Personal Coach – Canada
Before doing this course I had no clear vision of what to do. I was fearful of disappearing and frustrated that I knew I had more to do and give. I worried that my career was a waste of time and I have been going the wrong direction. The impact of knowing the elements of my life purpose has given me the most clarity and I’m really excited to put it all to work. This course has much more depth and really helps you anchor what drives and inspires you. It is also really beneficial recognising ways you may sabotage yourself.
Suzanne Griffin 2
Suzanne Griffin
Movement Coach – Health and Wellness – Ireland
From doing this course I came to discover what it is I'm meant to be doing and how I can leave more of an impact in this world for myself and for others. Paul has an amazing gift and way to help guide and draw things out of you. I now have a greater understanding of what I am meant to be doing, what my life purpose is and why I hadn't been feeling fulfilled previously. The difference this course had made for me is huge. I came in lost with no direction at all and now I feel hopeful, excited and ready to live my life with purpose. I would 100% recommend this course as it's given me direction and a better understanding of myself and why I have been feeling like something's missing. If you could find out your life's purpose, why wouldn't you? This course will give you clarity in all aspects of your life, not just professionally. I have gotten so much from this experience and honestly I'd just like to say thank you.
Layne Cushing
Taking this course has given me confirmation and clarity as to what my life purpose is and I am thrilled about this. Paul's insights added a little more unexpected detail. I would 100% recommend others take this course. If you want a greater sense of fulfilment in your life, don't think twice. What helped me make the decision to take the course was that I desired clarity on my life purpose as opposed to my passion. This is what Paul advocates strongly. I had also been looking for a business coach. Paul's focus on life purpose coupled with his strong business experience convinced me to sign up. If you get stuck Paul is always there to answer your questions and to give you a nudge. I found this to be hugely beneficial.
Helen Cole
Helen Cole
The course is brilliant. The Insights that I got will I feel go a long way to guide me in my new business over the next period of time. I wish everybody who gets to do this course well. They are in for an Awesome Flight. Thank you Paul for taking the time to put it all together.
Denis M.
Before doing this course I just felt lost, nothing motivated me and I had no sense of direction. I was concerned about spending the money and not sure it was going to help me. I got more than I expected. I found myself and what makes me tick. I feel like I have such clarity now as to what is important to me, who I am, what drives me. This will be with me for life, guiding me, keeping me real. I feel in control, and excited about the future. I highly recommend this course to anyone. To know with certainty these few but powerful things about yourself is really special and they will become an anchor in everything you do. It is life changing and powerful.
Angela D.

What's Inside
Discover Your Life Purpose Course

Many people have searched for years to discover what their life purpose is and they’ll try things like – finding their ‘why’ and what they’re ‘passionate’ about, trying to complete Ikigai, or will have read “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankl… all to realise that none of these give them what their true life purpose is. A life purpose that is aligned to their Unconscious on a Soul level.

Having worked with hundreds of people over the years and putting them on the right track in terms of their life purpose by using my innate intuitive gifts I have developed a unique methodology that discovers the evidence in a person’s life to show them what their life purpose is.

In this module, we’re going to go through what your overarching purpose in life is and I’ll explain how you find your true life purpose – that which makes up the Genius You that you are to become.


Module 1

Your Overarching Life Purpose & Genius You

Module 2

Your Genius Drivers = Your Passion, Joy & Fulfilment

Your Genius Drivers are what will give you that joy, that sense of fulfilment, and that zest for life.

Imagine you’ve got three buckets infront of you.

Each one of these buckets represent a Genius Driver that’s unique to you.

If you’re not filling these buckets – that’s when you end up feeling unfulfilled, that life is pointless and meaningless – and it feels like you’re just on a hamster wheel threading your way through life.

Your Genius Drivers also activates the genius within you.

Your Genius Drivers operate on an Unconscious level – until such time as you know what they are, and then you can design your life with your genius elements in mind, so that you can reach your full potential and maximum fulfilment.

By asking specific questions we can find out what your Genius Drivers are.


Your Genius Quest is your mission in life – it’s WHAT you are to do.

It’s unique to you and it explains what you will do for the people you will serve whether it be in the business you’ll create or the career you’ll develop as a result of knowing what your Genius Quest is.

It therefore gives you the clarity, certainty and focus of WHAT you should be doing in your life and a direction to head towards so that you can make a greater impact.

By asking specific questions we can find out what your Genius Quest is.


Module 3

Your Genius Quest = What You Are To Do

Module 4

Your Genius Inspiration = Your ‘Why’

Your Genius Inspiration is your true ‘WHY’.

It is what gives you the innate inspiration to fulfil your Genius Quest – your mission in life.

Your Unconscious is constantly trying to give you nudges to fulfil your life purpose. One of these ways is through your Genius Inspiration which is your divine guidance, drive and motivation for achieving your life purpose, or in other words your true ‘WHY’.

Many people try and figure out their ‘WHY’ using their conscious mind, and for what they’re currently doing in life – but that will always be the wrong ‘why’!

By asking specific questions we can find out what your true Unconscious Genius Inspiration is – what your true ‘WHY’ is.


Your Genius Role is HOW best you are to fulfil your Genius Quest – your mission in life.

Over all the years I’ve worked with clients I’ve identified 10 distinct Genius Roles. You play one of these Genius Roles throughout your whole life.

It’s a role that you don’t have to work at or develop your skills in – you naturally do this role.

However, many people play out different roles – they wear different hats so to speak – and therefore they’re not fully aligned to their Genius Role.

Also each Genius Role has a shadow side and a frustration point. This is what causes self-sabotage.

By asking specific questions we can find out what your Genius Role is.

It’s not a personality assessment like Myers Briggs, or Enneagram or DISC.

Your Genius Role is one that you innately do.


Module 5

Your Genius Role = How You Are To Fulfil Your Life Purpose

Module 6

Bringing It All Together

In this module we’re going to bring all the elements together so that you know how your Genius Drivers, your Genius Quest, your Genius Inspiration and your Genius Role are interlinked and work to fulfilling your life purpose – and becoming the Genius You that you are here to fulfil.

From this, you will have a very clear direction for your life that is aligned to your Unconscious Soul purpose.

With this you can then focus your energy and put all your efforts into your life purpose and reaching your full potential, make a greater difference, build a legacy and be well rewarded for your efforts. 


When you enrol during this very special, limited time period, you'll get to Discover...

In addition, you will…

  • Create a “Purpose Statement” that encapsulates all of what you have discovered so that you can keep on track and know what your next steps are to making your life purpose a reality.

  • Get access to the full course upon commencement so that you can work through it at a pace that works for you. Do it in a day, a week, a weekend, a month – whatever suits you.

  • Have life-time access to the course and any updates that are made.

Get these very special bonuses to help you get started living your life purpose and making the difference you are meant to make (and get well rewarded for it!)

Founding members special price.

Avail of this special low price during this time-limited period – for one reason only – so that you can be part of something really special to help reach as many peoples as possible by giving us your feedback and reviews of this course so that we can improve the experience not only for you, but for many others also. Together we can make a much greater difference in the world. (€500 discount)

A personal one-to-one session with Paul for founding members.

For a limited time period, at the end of the course you will be able to schedule a private one-to-one session with me where we will discuss your results and ensure they are fully aligned. My focus is to help you live your life purpose and achieve your big dream. So during our call together I will pass on intuitive “insights”, we will identify anything that is holding you back, and make a plan for your next steps. (€1,500 value)

Always-On live support for those quick questions.

This is to help you get unstuck in a matter of minutes to fully crystallise your life purpose. This will make sure you get your burning questions answered promptly (by me!) and you can move forward through the course with total clarity and confidence. You will never feel you’re on your own trying to figure things out. (€247 value)

Regular live Q&A sessions inside the private ‘Discover Your Life Purpose Course’ environment.

For times when you might get “foggy” these live Q&A sessions are a great way to remove that fog! This is where we can do a “hot-seat” to drill down even further with you to ensure you get the answer and be able to move forward with the rest of the course. It’s also an opportunity to learn from your fellow students. (€568 value)

Exclusive training with the “Purpose To Profits” masterclass.

This is where we will go through structuring your business in such a way that it honours your life purpose. In this training you will learn how to monetise your service, structure your pricing, and know how you can reach more and more people to make a bigger difference and greater impact people’s lives. (€997 value)

An active and highly supportive private community (that’s not on social media).

Share thoughts and ideas with fellow students to learn, encourage and support each other to fully live your life purpose and overcome any fears you might have. This is a great space to overcome isolation and be with others that are equally purpose-driven, like-minded and “get” the journey you are on and are here to help each other succeed. (€1,164 value)

Life-long access and future updates to the Discover Your Life Purpose Course.

As we work together, we learn and grow more. You will continue to have access to the course long after you’ve completed it so that if you ever want to redo the course, it’s there for you. You will have access to all enhancements and course materials that will be developed as part of the course as we continue to improve it with more insights. (€497 value)

When you add it all up, it’s a total real-world
value of €5,473

And the value of knowing your life purpose… Priceless!

But because I want to get as many people as possible living their true life purpose I’m really excited to welcome you into ‘Discover Your Life Purpose Course’ by giving you the opportunity to enrol TODAY at the special price of just…





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Plus You Will Be Backed By A Risk-Free
14-Day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront.

This Discover Your Life Purpose Course is the most comprehensive, step-by-step course for anyone that wants to discover what their true unique life purpose is.

I completely understand that you might still have concerns as to whether this course will give you the answers you’ve been searching for months if not years trying to find.

You’ve probably spent an unmentionable amount of money trying to find the answers – so risking another small amount of money might feel a bit too much.

I totally get it. I’ve been there.

That’s exactly why I’ve created this course in such a way that you cannot fail. I’m here to support you to find the answers until you do. This isn’t just a course that you can take on your own, I’m there live in the learning environment with you. I want you to succeed.

You’re going to get access to the full course and live Q&A sessions upon commencement. So within 14 days you will have easily found your life purpose.

However, if you feel totally certain that this course has not delivered on its promise, simply reach out within 14 days, show us you’ve put the work in, and we’ll refund your investment.

Burning questions that usually come up

I’ll be totally upfront with you.

There is so much shared online, in books and in what other people say about how you find your life purpose – however it is all misleading and doesn’t give you the answers you’re looking for.

This course will bring you through specific questions with the aim of finding the evidence in your life where your Unconscious is guiding you to fulfil your purpose.

This evidence is real and is unique to you. 

That way there will be no doubt as to what your life purpose is.

And don’t worry, you won’t have to meditate, visualise or run around in circles to find the answers 😀

Because I’ve developed this course and methodology to align to the “insights, knowings and visions” I get for people when I’m working with them one-to-one to discover their life purpose, this course is the only one of its kind that truly finds your unique life purpsoe. 

You could complete the full course in one day and know your life purpose at the end of that day.

Or you could decide to complete the course over a weekend or take longer if you wish.

When I’m working with clients one-to-one to discover their life purpose and put them on the right track, we get it completed in a half-day.

I know that seems amazing given that you’ve likely been searching for a long time to discover your life purpose – but it’s absolutely true. 

The questions are structured in such a way that there is no doubt and so that you can easily find the evidence in your life.

Our Unconscious is constantly giving us nudges – it’s this evidence we are going to find out and discover together. 


The way this course is delivered is through pre-recorded videos that you get access to immediately along with a workbook to capture your answers so that you can go through the course by yourself and at your own pace.

I will also be there to answer any questions you have through the various ways we have set up the community and learning environment.

I will also be doing regular live Q&A sessions so there will be ample opportunity to get your questions answered.

My aim is for this course to be a success for you – in that way you will be more willing to tell others about this specific course and get more people on the right track to fulfilling their life purpose.

You absolutely can if you wish to.

Your initial investment will then be deducted from the cost of my one-to-one sessions at the time of upgrade. 

However, based on the results from students that have done the course already, you won’t need to do it on a one-to-one basis!

Also with the added bonus (available for a limited time period) of having a one-to-one session with me at the end of the course to ensure your results are aligned, you are well covered. 

I completely understand. Because I’m an introvert at my core, I have put a lot of effort into making sure everyone feels safe within the community.

You can still complete the course on your own.

The learning platform is a private area within our online community.

This community is not on any social media channels.

To complete the course, you don’t have to get involved in the community if you don’t wish to (although there is so much more to be gained by being part of the community, our members always rave about the amazing connections they make).

I recommend that you are at least over the age of 25, but you can still do the course if you are younger.

There is no upper age limit as I believe no matter what age you are, you can still make a difference.

And the more you know your true life purpose – the bigger the difference you can make.

We have had individuals in their late 60s and early 70s do this course and they have found it truly transformational.

Still "thinking about it"?

You should give Discover Your Life Purpose Course a 14 day risk-free shot if you're motivated by any of the following:

You want to start living your true life purpose... like...
really want to live it.

Whether it’s the job or the business that you feel fully dependent on right now, you still feel unfulfilled and lack direction and focus for your life

You know you are here for something more, something greater, to make a difference, to fulfil your purpose; and there’s a sense of urgency building within you to fulfil your purpose – and you would do it – if you only knew what it is.

You want to help others, it’s what you crave – but to be doing it in line with what you’re meant to be doing – not what someone else says you should do or what you think you should do – to be living life in line with what your Soul wants you to do.

More importantly, you know you can’t keep doing what you’re doing – otherwise something is going to give

You want to feel motivated beyond measure and enjoy life doing what you are meant to be doing.

You're so ready right now to start living your life purpose

You know that once you’re clear on what your life purpose is… then there’ll be no stopping you.

There will be work to be done and challenges to be overcome – but this doesn’t scare you – you just need to know what you are to do.

You’re not afraid of putting in the work – you just don’t want it to be wasted on doing the wrong thing or doing something that you’re going to have to change your life or your business again because you’ve lost the passion for it.

Above all else, you’re ready, willing, and excited to get going on living your life purpose and making a difference

You recognise that this is the best offer
you'll ever get to Discover Your Life Purpose Course

You know this type of step-by-step course could sell for ten times the investment.

In fact, when you factor in the combined value of the live Q&As, the Purpose To Profits masterclass training and all the other bonuses to a value of €5,473… you realise your investment is actually really small.

Not only that, but to finally know what your life purpose is – well that’s priceless.

That's all I've got...

If any of these motivating factors had you nodding yes in your head – I plead you to do this life-changing course today with it’s 14-day risk-free guarantee – not for me – but for yourself.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to find their life purpose.

This course has helped me tremendously to find my life purpose in an all-aligned, satisfying way. And more than that, it served as a catalyst for self-reflection and I have gained a greater self-awareness.

There is so much good content that just naturally leads you to think about other areas of your life. If you are looking for your life purpose, this course will most definitely help you get just that. The way Paul knows life purpose is really on a different level. It's the real deal and I'm pretty sure you can't find this anywhere else.

Victoria – Teacher – Education – USA

The biggest result after years of uncertainty was that I did find my life purpose by doing this course.

I recommend this course without hesitation, and Paul as a leader and the unique course he has crafted. Both are greatly authentic and the course was delivered with conviction. The course is amazing, it is bespoke and is very flexible, unlike others that are generalised and do not get down to the very detail and life purpose for you as an individual.

Paul’s approach is powerful as he radiates kindness, truth and a willingness for all to succeed. His demeanour is incredibly warm and welcoming yet maintaining the upmost professionalism. Having followed Paul for a while he is authentic and trustworthy. It is also clear that he is determined to help others be on their correct pathway.

The course is transformational and provides you with the gateway on an authentic path.

Michelle Williams – Financial Controller – Business Consultancy – UK

I personally cannot wait to guide you to your life purpose

I have been putting people on the right track – their true life purpose, for decades using my empathic intuitive gifts.

From years of working with hundreds of clients; the methodology that I have developed is hands-down the most accurate and easily attainable understanding of what your true life purpose is, and which incorporates all the elements that you need to know with certainty and clarity what direction you should take your life in so as to fulfil your true Soul’s life purpose.

I know that millions of people have searched for years to find what their life purpose is. They’ve tried finding their “Why”, only to realise it doesn’t change anything inside of them. They’ve tried completing Ikigai, but realised they can’t because they don’t know “What” they’re to do in terms of their mission in life. They’ve read Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search For Meaning” only to realise that no matter what meaning they apply to their life, they still feel unfulfilled. And they’ve followed their passions, but realised a short time later that they get bored with it and come back to the same questions – “What is my life purpose, what am I to do in this life, what direction am I to go in”.

I know, because I’ve been there myself.

For years I tried desperately to find my own life purpose and wished for someone to come along and tell me what my life purpose is – the same way as I’ve been able to tell my clients what their true life purpose is. But it never happened. 

So the only way was for me to develop my own methodology that would match the “knowings”, insights and visions I would get for my clients.

This methodology is what is contained in Discover Your Life Purpose Course.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to save lives – both metaphorically and literally – as there are so many lost souls in the world – and the world needs people to be on their life purpose. A mission to help people discover their purpose in life, to live a fulfilled life and help them reach their full potential.

When we discover your life purpose, by using my background as an award-winning business growth consultant, we’re also able to build a business that honours your life purpose so that you can reach more people and make a bigger impact in the world.

It’s the ripple effect I keep talking to my clients about.

You’re here to start making a difference in the world – to start making those ripples.

There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding living your true life purpose, making the difference you are here to make, and reaching your full potential.

Enrol in Discover Your Life Purpose Course today during this limited time period at the special price of just...





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