How To Find Your Authentic Self

How do we become our authentic selves? What gets us operating from the Executive Center of the brain more consistently and sustainably? And, more importantly, what helps bring our life Genius Pendulum into equilibrium more easily?

To answer that, let’s go back to the Greek philosophers.

Filling the voids

Nature abhors a vacuum. We always seek to fill what is empty; the void in our lives.

It’s the voids that are emptiest in our life that we want to fill the most. In other words, we prioritise the voids we want to fill the most.

We also unconsciously seek out ways to fill these voids and fill this inner emptiness in our lives.

When we fill these voids or this inner emptiness in our life, then we are full-filled. Which is where personal fulfilment derives from.

how to find your authentic self

Therefore, to obtain maximum personal fulfilment, we must fill our voids of the highest priority.

Again, because we are unconsciously seeking ways to fill these voids in line with what is unconsciously of most priority, these voids become our highest drivers, in other words our Genius Drivers.

How Genius Drivers influence personal fulfilment

We seek to fulfil our highest unconscious Genius Drivers the most. By filling these, we achieve the most personal fulfilment and become our authentic selves.

These unconscious Genius Drivers actively influence how the Executive Center of the brain manifests our reality. In essence, it’s our Genius Drivers that lights a fire in the executive centre part of our brain.

When it comes to the Executive Code, we most want to maximise the brain’s channel between the Unconscious and the Executive Centre.

Since each person’s life is unique to them, they have a unique set of Genius Drivers. So while two people can observe and be part of the same moment or event, they will have a different perception of that same moment or event.

Remaining unaware of your personal Genius Drivers leads to a lack of fulfilment or meaning in your life. You can’t find purpose or focus in life.

The reason being is that your Unconscious is trying to fill these voids. However, if you’re not working in line with your Genius Drivers, these voids are not filled, and therefore you won’t find fulfilment.

Your Genius Drivers are also your unconscious view of the world – they’re how you perceive and judge others, what you pursue in life, and how you make decisions.

They form your unconscious blueprint!

Your authentic self blueprint.

Your Genius Drivers also affect the unconscious patterns in your relationships, finances, business, health –  everything in your life.

So when you consciously know your Genius Drivers and mould your business or career around them, two things happen:

  • You fill the deepest voids in your life and achieve maximum personal fulfilment and
  • You engage the Executive Center part of the brain.


The Executive Center delivers results faster, easier and in a less costly way. As a result, operating from this higher level executive centre leads to more creativity, innovation, planning and objectivity.

True mastery and alchemy in life comes when our Executive Centre, our Unconscious and The SuperConscious, work in sync and are in equilibrium.

When we align with our Genius Drivers, we’re also aligned with our true selves – our true authentic self.

Why do people experience imposter syndrome?

People experience imposter syndrome because they are not aligned to their authentic self, the inner voice, gut feeling or intuition.

Feeling like a fraud inside leads to low effort and dismal results because the person doesn’t want to be found out.

If they don’t want to be found out, they remain wrapped in their small worlds because they fear being caught.

When our Genius Pendulum is in equilibrium, we are more integrated with our true authentic selves. Only when we integrate with our true selves can we live with integrity i.e. become fully integrated.

Finding our authentic self means we no longer act as facsimiles of other people’s expressions or from learnt expressions. We are not other people’s shadows either. We are our true authentic selves, in line and in equilibrium with our unique selves — fingerprint-specific to ourselves.

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Aligning an organisation’s needs with Genius Drivers

Identifying each staff’s Genius Drivers and aligning them to the organisation’s purpose or mission leads to better staff alignment and engagement.

When you align each individual in the business to how their colleagues Genius Drivers serve them and each other, you have maximum staff cohesion and engagement.

So, if our Genius Drivers are operating from an unconscious level, how do we become aware of and bring them into our conscious minds to build our business or career around them?

We do this by looking at the evidence in our lives. And we find that evidence by asking specific questions about our life.

Only when we know our set of unconscious Genius Drivers and build our business, career, and life around them do we become more motivated, inspired and driven to take action.

That’s when we get maximum fulfilment in our lives, expressing our true authentic selves. We are bringing ourselves, our Executive Centre, our Unconscious and the SuperConscious more into alignment.

Final thoughts

Life presents various challenges such as pandemics, recessions, illness, financial loss, etc. Only by operating in line with the Executive Code, having your Executive Centre in line with your Unconscious, and in line with the SuperConscious can you start to see opportunities where others see failures.

Without a doubt, finding your unique set of personal Genius Drivers is one of the most important exercises you can do to find your authentic self.

Would you like to discover what your own unique Genius Drivers are?

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