How To Find Your Life Purpose

What is your life purpose? Have you ever thought about it?

Some people see their life purpose as waking up in the morning to run their business, pay the bills, enjoy their hobbies, sports, family, and then go back to bed. Only to get up the next day and do it all over again.

Day after day – doing the same thing – pretty much in a routine – work, play, rest.

For others, something shows up in their lives and triggers them to ask: What am I doing with my life? Where am I going? What’s the point of what I’m doing? There has to be more to this than just work, rest and play – right?

These people fluctuate between being consumed in their work to contemplating the bigger questions in life.

They search for what will bring meaning and purpose to their lives – a big grand plan for their lives.

And this search can take years, a lot of navel-gazing, and a lot of expense in books, courses, guides….or travelling to remote places to “find themselves”.

But even after doing all that, they still come back to the same question – what is my life purpose?

life purpose

What am I to do with my life?

If you only have one life, you should make it count. It should matter.

For many, there’s a desire to make a difference and leave a legacy. Ultimately that leads to an inner desire to be remembered.

Typically, we’ll look to people that we do remember in our lifetimes. We usually start with well-known people like Martin Luther King and his “I have a dream speech.”

Or John Alcock and Arthur Brown, who flew the first transatlantic flight and landed in a small village called Clifden. Or Nelson Mandela for his resolve, transformation, and way of being after being imprisoned for 27 years.

There are many we look up to – leaders and people who have made a difference – both young and old – both male and female.

These people left a legacy and made their mark on the world.

Alternatively, you could look closer home. Who has left an indelible mark on you? It could be a grandparent, a parent, a sibling, a friend, a boss, a stranger.

You see, it doesn’t matter how large or how slight the difference was in terms of the numbers of people that we make a difference for, or that we’ve impacted, or that remember us – it’s the fact that we did.

Perhaps your life’s purpose is to touch others lives by living your true authentic self.


What’s the meaning of my life?

Victor Frankl, author and philosopher, survived a Nazi concentration camp when many around him didn’t.

In his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”, he alludes to the fact that it’s the meaning we give things in life that gives us meaning in our life.

However this can be interpreted that if we give enough meaning to something, we can make anything our purpose. Which is not correct. That’s not what our purpose is.

Others have argued that you must define your why and that everything else will fall into place if you find it. But the problem with this is that people try and figure out their Why using their conscious mind – which is incorrect. Your true Why comes from your Unconscious. Also, when people are trying to figure out their Why for what they are currently doing, it can be the wrong Why – because they might not being doing their true purpose in the first place! 

There’s also a school of thought that emphasises passion and that finding it leads to a life purpose. 

However, passion follows finding your life purpose. When you’re on your life’s purpose, your passion grows exponentially. 

So, while many people are chasing their passions in the hope of finding their life purpose, it ought to be the other way round.  

And there are many people that say there is no purpose to be found. Which is completely incorrect. 

With all these conflicting approaches, what works? 

By having an overriding purpose in real terms –  that makes a difference – it compels us to be driven to reach fulfilment for ourselves.

Edison for instance, his overriding purpose was how to use electrical current to bring light. The Wright brothers’ overriding purpose was to find out how to fly. Martin Luther King’s overriding purpose was how to have blacks treated no differently to whites.

Victor Frankl’s overriding purpose was to find the answer to what would bring a focus to an individual so much so that everything else around them became meaningless and therefore drove them to keep living.

You see, we all have an overriding purpose to be fulfilled within ourselves. 

Ultimately the overarching purpose in life is to be you, to experience, to live life fully, to love, to evolve.

And you also have an individual purpose that is unique to you.

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What brings meaning and fulfilment?

Well, let’s begin with meaning. You see, teleology is the study of purpose and meaning.

The highest purpose is what the Greek philosophers referred to as the Telos or the “end in mind”. Or what I call your North Star.

This Telos or North star is what you are most inspired to fulfil.

Napoleon Hill called your highest priority ‘your chief aim in life’.

So whatever your highest Genius Drivers are, you are inspired from within to fulfil. You are unconsciously driven to achieve it the most.

When you align your highest Genius Drivers with the overriding mission you seek to fulfil, you then have your life purpose. It’s how you achieve maximum fulfilment in life.



Genius Drivers

That’s worth repeating here: Your highest Genius Drivers are what you are most inspired to fulfil within. The overriding mission you seek to fulfil is your your life’s purpose.

When your work aligns with that overriding mission and aligns with your highest Genius Drivers, you are most inspired to accomplish your mission.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, you activate your Executive Centre the most when you are working in line with your Genius Drivers.

When you activate your Executive Centre, you become more creative, innovative, motivated and objective.

Furthermore, when you align to your Unconscious and the SuperConscious, you’re more inspired and easily discover the fastest, easiest and less costly way to achieve your purpose.

When you turn your life purpose into your career or business, you end up building a lasting legacy, making a difference and impacting many more people’s lives.

And when your business or career is serving ever more increasing numbers of people, then that’s when you achieve the levels of success that others refer to as being incredibly successful.

If we take Bill Gates as an example – his overriding mission was how could he put the power of a computer into the hands of everyone around the world. His purpose and vision was to see a computer in every home.

Steve Jobs’ overriding mission was how to enable every person to display and demonstrate their unique personality. His purpose and vision were to break the norm, challenge the status quo, and put the power into people’s hands, be it in a computer, iPod or iPhone.

Find your unique personal Genius Drivers and the overriding mission you seek to fulfil, and you’re well on your way to finding your true life purpose.

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