Minding the Mental Health of Business Owners & Managers

The world has changed drastically because of the pandemic. It’s fair to say that most people’s mental health has taken a beating over the past year or so.

While coping with change proves difficult for a lot of people, we’ll indeed face more changes and uncertainty in the months and even years to come.

Are we returning to normal, or a new normal? What does that even mean for our lives moving forward?

Let’s face it: many people are struggling on the inside. There’s a tendency to put on a “brave face” to the outside world – for our colleagues, our staff, our clients and our suppliers. However, holding onto this tension can lead one to feel like an imposter.

Minding the Mental Health of Business Owners and Managers by Paul Davis

There are many programs and initiatives for staff to help deal with mental health, fear, stress, anxiety, and depression; such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, exercise, and many others.

But what about the business owners and managers that in many cases neither have the time nor the opportunities to benefit from these initiatives themselves? What can they do to safeguard their mental health?


Mental health for business owners and managers

We are all unique. We are driven by a set of unique Genius Drivers.

To better understand the concept, let’s go back to the Greek philosophers.

Aristotle referred to the fact that each individual has an inner desire to fill what is empty in their life. We seek to fill what is empty i.e. we seek to fill these voids. Many of which were created in the formative years of our upbringing.

The voids which are most empty in our life, we will unconsciously want to fill the most. In other words, we unconsciously prioritise these voids. And we unconsciously seek out ways to fill these voids.

When we fill these voids or this inner emptiness in our life, then we are filled. We are full-filled. This is how we achieve personal fulfilment.

Therefore, in order to obtain maximum personal fulfilment, we must fill our voids in accordance with the voids that are of most priority.

And because we are unconsciously seeking out ways to fill these voids in line with what is of most priority, we utilise our unique set of Genius Drivers.


Using Genius Drivers to improve business managers’ mental health

The Unconscious actively uses the Executive Centre of our brain to manifest our Genius Drivers.

The Executive Centre in our brain is located in the prefrontal cortex. It’s responsible for organisation, innovation, objectivity, planning and execution of actions; in the fastest, easiest and less costly way.

Our Genius Drivers most effectively activates the Executive Centre part of our brain. While our conscious mind processes 50 bits of information per second, our unconscious mind processes 11 million bits of information per second.

Therefore, it’s best to operate from the Executive Centre of your brain and develop a deeper connection with the Unconscious to improve your mental health and operate at your full potential. Doing so maximises fulfilment, makes you more innovative, objective and organised to achieve your goals in the fastest, easiest and less costly way possible.

It’s especially critical to operate in this way when faced with challenges to your business such as the Covid-19 pandemic or even during a recession.

And yet, almost ninety percent of individuals, executives and business owners fail to operate in line with their Genius Drivers and their Executive Centre. That’s why they struggle while others thrive.

When you fail to operate from your personal Genius Drivers, you may experience a lack of fulfilment and meaning in your life. There’s a sense of losing your mojo. That significantly affects your mental health.

The reason is that your Unconscious is trying to fill these voids. But, when you’re not working in line with your personal Genius Drivers, these voids remain unfilled.

Your Genius Drivers also form your Unconscious blueprint when it comes to your relationships, your finances, your business, your health – everything in your life. These Genius Drivers lead you in discovering your true purpose and mission in life.

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How Genius Drivers influence your life

Two main things happen when you consciously know your Genius Drivers and mould your business or career around them:

  • You fill the deepest void in your life and achieve maximum personal fulfilment and 
  • You engage the Executive Center part of your brain and begin to open the connection to your Unconscious and in turn to the SuperConscious.


This alignment helps you achieve your vision, goals and objectives in the fastest, easiest and less costly way.

When this happens, your life becomes more fulfilled and more effortless.

So, if our Genius Drivers are operating from an unconscious level, how do you become more aware of them to build your career or business around them?

You look for the evidence in your life. By asking specific questions it is possible to discover your Genius Drivers. 

When you know your own unique set of Genius Drivers, and you build your business, your career, your life around them, you become more motivated, driven to achieve and inspired to take action daily. That’s when you experience maximum fulfilment in life and expressing your true authentic self.

You are bringing yourself, your Executive Centre, your Unconscious and the SuperConscious more into alignment. You’re more creative, more innovative, and more objective. It’s your true authentic inner leader.


Final thoughts

Life always throws us curveballs. From pandemics, recessions and financial loss to redundancies and health issues, they keep coming. It’s only when you operate in true alignment that you start seeing opportunities while others see failures. Where others see challenges you see springboards to higher levels.

True alignment between your Executive Centre, your Unconscious and the Superconscious and your Genius Drivers makes the difference between struggling and thriving. It’s the best way for business owners and managers to look after their wellbeing and mental health.

Would you like to discover what your own unique Genius Drivers are?

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Talk With Paul

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