The Critical Line In Life

There’s a critical line that shows up in life between the states of Belief and the state of Knowing.

It’s in the state of knowing that we need to learn how to straddle the old world and the new world – the old world of our state of belief. And the new world of our state of knowing.

The world that fed our ego versus the inner calling to serve others and make a difference. It can be a very unsettling time for many people dealing with this critical line.

When we are in a state of knowing, we go on a quest for knowledge and wisdom. New deeper interests start to show up in the forms of spirituality, meditation, volunteering, intuition, social impact and the likes.

the critical line in life

Many people seek out books, courses and travel to learn from gurus that feed these interests. But, these courses and sources are all scattered. They only cover one aspect of your life or business and don’t get you past the critical line.

So, what will?


The Executive Code

Many people spend time in meditation, mindfulness, yoga or activities like these, and still fail to get to the next level.

But why? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these activities. In fact, each has impressive benefits.

Here’s the thing, everyone can’t be in a state of mindfulness or meditation while also managing a very stressful and busy business or career. So, while these activities help, more is needed to cross the critical line in life.

What you’ll find is that if an area of your life is repressed, it will be expressed in other ways – to bring you back into equilibrium.

Also, if you are not empowered in an area of your life, someone or something else will overpower you in that area.

Wavering between a state of belief and the state of knowing will not get you fully past the state of knowing to the state of mastery.

Crossing the critical line in life requires working with the Executive Centre part of your brain to bring equilibrium to all aspects of life.

For many people, their conscious minds and thoughts are powerful. Therefore, shortly after a person isn’t meditating, their conscious thoughts come back into play and brings back up stress, fears, worry, anxiety, resentment, anger, hurt etc.

Many of those thoughts and feelings are there for a reason. They’re there as feedback to yourself that you’re not in equilibrium.

For most people, these thoughts that they keep repressed show up in illness – and nobody wants that.

So instead of pushing them out, ignoring them, or blocking them – what we need to do is dissolve them – neutralise them – bring them into balance.

If you keep blocking these thoughts out, you’ll continue to straddle between the state of belief and the state of knowing. You won’t get past the critical line to reach the levels of freedom and mastery that I spoke about before.

You can only get to the state of mastery by being in equilibrium in all aspects. Being in a state of equilibrium is the equivalent of love – pure love.


A State of Equilibrium

It’s only when you see the positives and the negatives in equal measure and loving both sides that you get to be in a state of equilibrium, and therefore open the direct channels between the Executive Centre, the Unconscious and the SuperConscious.

If you’re biased towards one side, say negative, then you’re not truly in love. And if you are biased towards the other side, the positive side, then you’re still out of equilibrium.

The Executive Code is about operating from the Executive Centre in your brain.

The Executive Centre is responsible for finding the easiest, fastest and less costly way of achieving what we want to achieve.

Imagine in your mind’s eye – three circles — one below each other. So you have one circle at the top, another circle below it, and another circle below that. And in between each circle is a tube that connects the first circle to the second circle. And a tube that connects the second circle to the third circle.

Now let’s name the first circle – your Executive Centre. And we’ll call the second circle your Unconscious, and the third circle the SuperConscious.

The SuperConscious is what we call Universe, God, Source, Higher Power – or whatever name you prefer to call the SuperConscious.

Imagine a vertical line going down through all the circles from the top circle through the tubes to the bottom circle. And at the end of this line is another smaller circle so that it looks like a pendulum – the kind you would see in a grandfather clock.

Now when that pendulum is vertical and straight – it is in equilibrium.

When it swings to either side – it’s not in equilibrium. And what you will notice is that if you swing the pendulum to one side, it is no longer going through the tubes between each circle. It’s also no longer in the circle of the SuperConscious or perhaps even the Unconscious, depending on how far the pendulum has swung. In other words, the connection between the Executive Centre, the Unconscious and the SuperConscious is lost.

That’s how it works in real life.

The Executive Code helps you bring everything into equilibrium to connect your Executive Centre to the Unconscious and the SuperConscious.

In that way, you can bring about what you want to bring about in your life and live the highest, most authentic expression of who you indeed are.

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Effortless Living

When you live in alignment with your Executive Centre, your Unconscious and SuperConscious, everything becomes easier. It almost feels like effortless living.

The downside of not living this way is that everything becomes harder. You don’t get to achieve what it is you want to achieve. More and more challenges show up in your life – the reason being is because nature is trying the whole time to bring you back into equilibrium.

When you know how to do this, then you’re working with nature, the Universe and not against it. You’re working in flow, not against the flow.

Suppose you’re not working in line with the Executive Code. In that case, you’ll constantly find yourself swinging between all the different states of being – from knowing, to belief, to hope, to despair, and perhaps back through to knowing again, and again, and again – constantly this up and down through the different states – like the signal on the heart rate monitor.

When you’re in a state of knowing, and you have that inner sense of being called towards something greater – to get there, and to bring that about – what you are meant to become – what you are meant to manifest – your purpose – you have to move to the higher state.

To get there, start with your Executive Centre and work to align it with the Unconscious and SuperConscious.

Would you like to find out how? Come join our Executive Code community and discover how.

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