The Executive Code™ Community

Lifting everyone up so that together we can reach new altitudes

The Executive Code™ Community

Lifting everyone up so that together we can reach new altitudes

Why have this community?

There are so many people that feel lost and alone, and are searching for purpose and meaning in their life.

And there are so many other people that are living a life like every day is Groundhog Day – like as if they’re on a hamster wheel!

Well, we’re on a mission to save lives – both literally and metaphorically. To help people live the life they were born to make manifest and have an amazing life.

This is a community to help you get unstuck and have the clarity, direction and focus for your life and business by discovering your unique life purpose – teaching you self-mastery strategies and insights – and guiding you to grow a successful purpose-driven business – so that you can reach your full potential – have a joyful and fulling life – and make a greater impact.

What You Can Expect In The Executive Code™ Community

We’re here to make your experience awesome. We want you to get five key things from The Executive Code™ community:

1 – There is nothing I love more than helping and supporting people that take action towards their purpose. So here you will meet people who are equally passionate about reaching their full potential and who care about the same topics.

2 – Get exclusive content and deep conversations you can’t find anywhere else that crosses a lot of spectrums – business, spiritual, intuitive and philosophical. Oftentimes what you will learn here is not what the populous understands about life, purpose and meaning!

3 – Make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you. Why struggle and try to figure things out on your own? Ask for help and receive the power of the community supporting you and answering your questions.

4 –The aim is for people to be on their life purpose and therefore they have a mission to fulfil. Here we will share stories, experiences, and ideas around your and our shared missions.

5 – This isn’t a community where everyone is to pretend that “everything is rosy in the garden”. Neither is it a “pity party”. It’s about being real and authentic, without the BS. Here you will find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.

AND – it’s not on any social media platform!

How are we making this happen?

Each week we run a live free-to-access group mastermind session via zoom, where you can come with your biggest challenge of the week and get the answers, feedback or support from other members of the community to help you along your journey.

Each month in The Executive Lounge area of the community, we cover a specific topic on Personal Mastery and deliver weekly live group training, coaching and Q&A sessions via Zoom.

In The Pilot’s Lounge area of the community, each month we cover a specific topic on Business Mastery and deliver weekly live group training, coaching and Q&A sessions via Zoom.

We have regular sessions where you can jump into the “Captains Chair” and ask any questions you want answered – on any subject you want to cover – as long as it’s not political, sport or religion!

And if that’s not enough; you can ask your questions in our discussion forum and get answers and support from your peer-to-peer community of equally passionate purpose-driven business owners.

So now you can get the help and support you need – as and when you need it to help you on your life purpose, reach your full potential and grow your purpose-driven business.

This dedicated private community is accessible on the web, iPad or our dedicated app – without the “noise” of social media!