Paul William Davis

Hi there

I’m Paul William Davis, an intuitive personal advisor, an entrepreneur, a best-selling author, and an award-winning business growth consultant and speaker, and…

I’m able to identify what will bring individuals fulfilment and meaning, leading them to their life purpose, and growing their business.

Paul William Davis

Hi there.

I’m Paul William Davis, an intuitive personal advisor, an entrepreneur, a best-selling author, and an award-winning business growth consultant and speaker, and…

I’m able to identify what will bring individuals fulfilment and meaning, leading them to their life purpose, and growing their business.

How I Do It?

From a very young age, I would intuitively “see” images, get “knowings”, and be able to “pick up” information for other people around what their purpose in life is.

Is it because I was born the 7th son of a 7th, of a 7th; which in Ireland has significant folklore around being “gifted”? Or is it because I’m a mastermind with a skewed sixth sense? Whatever it is, the insights that I get for my clients has helped them enormously.

Now by combining my extensive experience as a business growth consultant with my innate intuitive gifts and an exacting methodology that I’ve developed over many years, it makes me uniquely placed to help you to discover your true life purpose and empower you to achieve extraordinary results, both personally and professionally.

My passion is guiding people to not only discover their true life purpose, but also how to design a life and business that honours it and propels them to their fullest potential.

Paul Davis - How to find your Life Purpose and Meaning in life

My Background

In addition to being a member of the International Coach Federation, I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors, an NLP Business Practitioner, Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association, a University approved trainer, a mentor with the Irish Stock Exchange for companies proceeding to Initial Public Offering (IPO), a business mentor for Enterprise Ireland, a trained facilitator with the Dr Demartini Institute, and have studied a plethora of areas including electrical engineering, computer programming, taxation, human behaviour, and philosophy.
To date, I’ve supported countless organisations, transformed several unprofitable enterprises into multi-million Euro successes through my business consultancy Davis Business Consultants, and have worked with executives, business owners and celebrities from around the world.
I’ve worked extensively in many areas – business development, marketing, finance, operations, mergers and acquisitions, scaling businesses, personal fulfilment, maximising mental performance, and leadership, to name but a few, and have held all senior management positions through to CEO.
With my own personal pursuit for purpose and meaning, along with a desire to substantiate my “knowings” for clients, and to break through my own limitations and those of my clients in terms of confidence, imposter syndrome, fears, suicide ideation, beliefs… all the “stuff” that holds us back from flourishing in all aspects of our life – I developing The Executive Code™ to help my clients not only discover their life purpose but also to progress further; personally, spiritually, emotionally, and business-wise.
Clients refer to me by all different titles – personal advisor, business coach, mentor, guide, counsellor, therapist, healer, life coach, consultant… the list goes on – but there are two common phrases that are used, and they are “game changer” and “life saver”. Whatever the title is, it makes no difference to me – my mission is to help people be on the right track for their life purpose. And clients will regularly say that what they have told me, they have never told anyone else in their entire life – such is the deep level of trust, connection and confidence I develop with my clients.

What Am I Like To Work With?

Well I asked one of my clients and here’s what she emailed me…

Firstly I’d say your style is empowering and supportive. You empower the people you lead to lead themselves, and you’re supportive to everyone you meet.

You’re definitely inspirational and thought-provoking. While you may challenge beliefs, you don’t do it in a provocative manner, you do it simply to serve, to get people to think about things differently. You either put it in the form of a question or a parable and then provide thought-provoking analysis and insights.

You are also 100% sincere, what you see/hear is what you get, you can poke fun at yourself to prove a point but you neither put yourself down nor elevate yourself to a level that isn’t relatable to.

After that, I’d say it’s calm and reliable, it’s no nonsense, no fuss – let’s not lose the run of ourselves, everything is fine. Equally you don’t suffer fools gladly, you can have a laugh but when the work needs to be done, it’s done.

And dare I mention the word loving… I know it’s not acceptable in the business world – I mean who wants to talk about love right? – but the opposite is fear and there is no fear when it comes to your style.

What's With All The Flight References Paul?

Ok so you might be wondering why I’ve used flight terms on my website… well when I was a kid I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up!

I wasn’t able to pursue that dream because back then, you weren’t allowed fly a plane if you wore corrective eyesight lenses. So when I got my first pair of glasses at the age of 11, that dream was dashed.

Yet I didn’t let it stop me!

Flight has manifested itself throughout my career and business life. From working in the aircraft maintenance industry to having clients that are in the airline industry. I’ve learned how to fly small aircraft, and to-date I’ve flown in pretty much most types of aircraft – from small planes to helicopters, from hot-air balloons to gliders – and I’ve even jumped out of an airplane twice (with a parachute!).

My next mission is to do a bi-plane wing walk! 😀

So I LOVE all experiences that are flight-related – and I can’t wait to get to fly in space.

And talking of experiences – I love giving back.

Some of the most precious times I’ve spent in my life so far has been visiting worthy-cause projects in Cambodia and Kenya.

Being able to connect with the people that get to benefit from our small support like clean running water, bicycles to get to school, building a mud-hut for a family, building a play-ground for a school, the education to better their prospects, or the protection of girls from being trafficked – they have all thought me SO much, each and every one of them.

On A Personal Note...

I’ve been married to Dymphna for over twenty-eight years and we have two sons Mark and Ian, aged 26 and 24.

And here’s the latest addition to our family.

Her name is Moka, and she’s an 18-month old cross between a German Shepard and a Collie that we rescued – and she’s now the new boss in the house.

Moka is the only family member that I share photos of online so as to afford the others their own privacy – (but in reality, the others are all too camera shy!)

So there you have it…

Now that you know quite a bit about me, if you feel like we could have an interesting chat together please reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and One More Thing..

Over the years I’ve learnt that many of my clients find me when they need me the most. It always amazes me – as well as them!

Some clients don’t even know how they came to find me – they just did. And the conversations and insights that have taken place in those circumstances have been both amazing and overwhelming… in a great way.

So if you’re waiting for a sign from the Universe – this is it.