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I'm so grateful to Paul and am genuinely quite shocked at how he helped me arrive at such a decision and outcome over such a short session. Thank you so very much, from the heart, I actually feel like a different person and for the first time in decades, I feel I have clarity and direction. Paul has genuinely helped me in a way no other has, and that has such a tremendous impact. What really brought it together was the evidence he uncovered and how he identified and linked my Genius Drivers. That was excellent and I can see how I fulfil my voids.

Dean S. - Manager - Telecommunications

I was amazed by how Paul was able to extract for me my purpose in life. This was the single most important thing that I wanted from the session without even expressing the request for it. Initially I was nervous and wasn't expecting the insights and specific direction that I got from Paul. The knowledge I got from the session has made a significant difference. I feel that I now know what I should do and I'm excited and motivated to achieve it. I really enjoyed working with Paul. I was very pleasantly surprised about how he could give me so much insight. I am particularly grateful because I was very unhappy in my role and felt like an under achiever. I think that if I fulfil my mission and purpose, that I will no longer feel that way.

Paul R. - Manager - Hospitality

The coaching I had from Paul with his incredible intuitive ability was basically him speaking my truth to me as a third person, which totally kicked me up the rear to get on with my goals and to start moving. I’m extremely grateful for Paul, his insights, his ability to understand where you’re at and to help you by meeting you where you’re at, taking you further, and helping you to live into your human potential. I would recommend for anybody to work with Paul. He’s an amazing person and he’s got an incredible ability that is quite rare to find.

Stephanie Woollard - Founder & CEO - SevenWomen.org

It is so inspiring talking to Paul each time we meet. He sees things that I’m unable to see for myself, and he always gets me thinking bigger. I love going away from our meetings with all the new insights and ideas. Nine months ago my life was completely different and I was in such a dark place. Paul has literally and metaphorically saved my life.

Louise T. - Accountant

Paul Davis is one of the top consultants Ireland has ever seen.

Mary Eastwood - Managing Director - Albrite Training

Before working with Paul my life was just stagnant. I no longer had the motivation or joy for doing the work that I was doing, but I didn’t know what else I should be doing. I felt like I was at a crossroads and had definitely lost my mojo. From my very first meeting with Paul, I just knew I was in safe hands. He is truly authentic, genuine, caring and real. The insights that he shared with me were, and still are, amazing. I now have a definite sense of purpose and I love every aspect of my life. Not only do I see Paul as my personal and business mentor, but also as a really dear friend.

British Actor

Prior to meeting Paul, I was quite frustrated with elements of my business–life. I was looking for focus and direction on exactly where I needed to go. Meeting Paul instantly re–connected my inner purpose. Since then I’ve been able to really focus and decide exactly where I need to go. He was able to give me the guidance of what I needed to do to move forward in my business, and relationships. During the two–and–a–half months since meeting Paul, a lot of things have changed. I’ve pivoted my business slightly, I have been developing products and businesses at a phenomenal rate and making connections across the globe. On our first meeting, I was surprised that Paul was not only a business coach, he has a strong spiritual side to him as well. I could sense this higher level of consciousness in the room, giving more depth and clarity to our conversation which provided the foundation for the changes I needed to make. Paul was able to give me insights that were invaluable for moving me forward. And if you get a chance, I would also read Paul’s book EVOLVE. This has been invaluable to me. From the first day I met Paul, and within 2 – 3 days of reading this book, I then found changes happening and happening. I would just like to say that I found Paul to be brilliant as a business coach and a spiritual coach and for all facets of life. There has been no turning back since. I would highly recommend Paul for help and guidance.

Colin O’Brien - Serial Entrepreneur

I used to follow Paul for years – the newsletters he sent out, the different talks he gave, and the podcast that he created. His content was always spot on and insightful. But I was fearful about working with him. I just thought he might be another business mentor and I wasn’t good enough to be able to work with him as he’s so successful. OMG was I so wrong. He is definitely not your usual business mentor and I love working with him. Paul has helped me with every area of my life and his insights are amazing. Paul has had a huge impact on both my personal life and my business in such a positive way.

John C. - Accountant

I received so much clarity from working from Paul and even from our very first session together. I found out exactly what brings me fulfilment and joy and I live my life everyday according to what Paul has guided me and the results have been phenomenal. My business has literally exploded, and the number of new opportunities that have come my way has been both exciting and financially highly rewarding. I listen to everything Paul tells me as he has never been wrong and I know deep down that he cares.

Colm McL. - CEO - Digital Media

I now have two companies, my sales figures are up 50%, I don’t work weekends anymore, and have obtained a ten–fold return on investment easily.

Damien McKay - CEO - DMK Architects & Engineers

Paul has removed so many blockages that were holding me back. I feel so much more free and I now understand completely the beauty of all the past experiences that I went through.

Pat C. - HR Consultant

Paul did a fantastic interview on my radio show the other week. We then went and masterminded together over coffee. Paul gave me some amazing tips and in fact one tip which I implemented immediately won me a client straight away. It also added value for both my new client and added massive value for me as well. I have masterminded with many amazing people such as Dr John Demartini, Lisa Nichols, Jack Daly, Keith Barry, Ramona Nicholas and Eamonn Quinn just to name a few; and Paul is as wise and a valuable asset to anyone’s business.

Doug Gordon - Radio Presenter & Corporate Trainer

I was sceptical about meeting with Paul at first and thought that he would be either all “stuck up” or “woo woo”! I was blown away. It’s like there are two sides to Paul – the highly intuitive side and the commercially focused practical side. And the two together make such a potent combination for me. He has been a game–changer for me and my business.

Michael B. - Managing Director - Engineering

I’ve never experienced such an amazing energy and positive feeling than what you get from Paul. His delivery, empathy and content are outstanding.

Sadhbh Fitzgibbon - Owner - Sky Interiors

My confidence has soared and my ‘can do’ attitude has been activated. Thank you Paul.

Rita Hurson - Owner - Divorce Mentors Ireland

Working with Paul is an experience that I will always look upon as being a game changer. He listened foremost and helped me identify the challenges I was having with my business and business style. Paul’s style of mentoring isn’t the usual methodical procedure driven straight from the textbook approach. He helped me discover my own style and strengths and built on those. Paul is engaged with my business 110% and is always available to advise no matter how big or small the issue. Paul was recommended to me at a time when I had to make some tough business decisions about how to move my business forward. I have continued to work with Paul since that date and in that period my business has grown 85%. And with Paul’s help we are more focused and have a strong strategy for future growth. As a business owner I believe every business owner should have an advisor, mentor, coach, call them what you want, but if you want somebody who really understands business growth and personal development don’t go past Paul Davis.

Leo Maher - CEO - Sign + Digital Materials Ltd.

Within a month of meeting Paul for the first time, we have landed so much new business. When I heard he works on so many different levels, I didn’t really fully understand it and I certainly wasn’t expecting the results that have materialised. At our first meeting Paul told us to change the focus of our business slightly, and as soon as we did, we started to receive new enquiries with better clients that we hadn’t even spoken to before. To this day Paul continues to guide us and makes sure we’re on the right path. We are really blessed to have connected with Paul.

Marie H. - Managing Director - Business Processing

I can’t believe how much has been achieved from working with Paul. This past year has resulted in the highest financial performance for our business since we realigned our business as a result of Paul’s guidance. And the achievement of those results, all I can describe them as being is effortless. Both my personal and professional life before working with Paul, compared to how my life is now, are black and white. I continue to work with Paul as the guidance and insights that he shares with me are simply invaluable, and I’m truly grateful for what Paul has done for me.

Ciaran M. - Co-Founder & CEO - Technology Company

For the first time ever we broke our turnover targets. We are now set to achieve in excess of €26 million. We have a very clear vision, purpose and mission as a result of working with Paul, and our senior team have never been so engaged in what we are doing. Simply outstanding.

Thomas B. - Founder & CEO - Digital Management

After I discussed with Paul about our Board of Directors, he advised me of one Board member that was not fully playing ball with the company. Something that I knew nothing about but it was an insight that Paul had shared. Within three months news came out of this members dealings which if it were not for Paul, would have been a disaster for the company and our reputation. Since then I don’t make any serious decisions without first consulting with Paul. He has saved us millions in our business as a result of his guidance and insights.

Anthony M. - Founder & CEO - Food Services

Paul is an innovative and practical business coach, who has a genuine desire to develop people’s ideas into successful businesses. He is insightful and encouraging and I would recommend him as a great support in developing a growing business.

M.K. – Tax Consultant

Previous to working with Paul I owned a small professional services business which I wasn’t really enjoying. We were doing ok in terms of turnover but the business just didn’t excite me anymore. Fast track to now, I’ve sold my previous business and set up a new technology business. We secured significant investment and have clients around the world. Our turnover is far greater than I could have expected and the best part is that I absolutely love what I’m doing and the impact we’re making.

Damien F. - Managing Director - Project Management Consultant & Trainer

Get Paul Davis to look at the way your business is run. Better still, get him to look at the way that you run your business. All I can say is – he will change your business, he might even change you! As a result your profit will grow and your business will flourish.

Brendan Allen - Managing Partner - Allen Morrissey & Co Accountants and Tax Advisors

It was first recommended to me by my closest friends that I should meet with Paul. Being a successful songwriter and artist, and all the pressures that comes with that, I felt completely lost. From my very first meeting with Paul, finally I had someone that “got me” and completely understood how I was feeling. Paul has been a godsend in my life. Now my writing takes on a whole different meaning as I now know my personal purpose and the difference I can make through my work.

Singer & Songwriter

In the short period of working with Paul, I have achieved so much personal and business growth. I have implemented strategies into my business that I never thought I would, and they are starting to pay dividends. I have learnt so many techniques that work, and are congruent with the way I do business. In summary, I really love what I do in business again.

Sandra Maher - Managing Director - Inspire Financial Services

Paul has a calming presence, along with a wonderful ability to be able to help people ‘see the wood for the trees’. He works from a place of integrity and authenticity. If you want to take your business to a whole new level he is someone I would highly recommend and trust.

Grattan Donnelly - Grattan Donnelly & Associates

Very impressive, first class communicator and a real thought leader. Highly recommended.

Eamonn O’Reilly - Managing Director - Red Tree Recruitment

To others close to me they saw someone that was highly successful. I had everything that most people want; but I was dying inside. I was living a life according to what other people wanted. I had completely lost my drive and motivation. From working with Paul I have a whole new sense of freedom and a purpose that gets me jumping out of bed each morning. The more I’m working in line with my purpose, the more I love it. From six months ago to now, I’m a completely different person inside.

Dermot H. – COO – Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

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Talk With Paul

Schedule a call with Paul to discover how he can help you succeed.

During your call with Paul, you will:

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