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Paul William Davis is an award-winning business growth consultant and speaker, an intuitive personal advisor, an entrepreneur, creator of "The Executive Code", a three-times best-selling author, and works with professionals from around the globe to discover their purpose, unearth their genius, and lead in their field to make a greater difference.

He is exceptional at identifying what will bring an individual fulfilment, joy and meaning by identifying their true unique life purpose, and clients regularly refer to Paul as a “life-saver”.

He has worked with countless business owners, leaders and celebrities from around the world and across all industry sectors and has helped to transform several unprofitable enterprises into multi-million successes.

Content relevant to:

Business owners, CEOs, executives and individuals who find themselves at a crossroads in life, that want to get off the proverbial hamster wheel and have absolute clarity and certainty as to what they should do in terms of business or career to have more fulfilment, meaning and purpose.

Sample talking points:

• How finding your “Why” is wrong.

• How finding your “Passion” or completing Ikigai won’t give you the answers you’re looking for when it comes to discovering your true life purpose.

• How do you find your true life purpose and what will give you fulfilment and meaning, and what difference does it really make when running a business.

• What “Authentic Leadership” really means and how it can be achieved.

• How EGO is oftentimes misunderstood and how your inner Genius can be made manifest.

• How to grow a purpose-driven business.

Topics for an interesting conversation:

Life Purpose – Spirituality – Mental Fitness – Suicide Ideation – Personal Mastery – Self-Worth – Confidence – Business Growth

Paul is the author of:

1. EVOLVE – Look Within Yourself For Business Success (Oak Tree Press 2012)

2. MORE – How You Can Get More Clients, More Fees And More Time (Oak Tree Press 2016)

3. BETTER – Better Business, Better Life, Better World (Co-Authored & Published Internationally 2018)

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Social Stats:

5,000+ Email Subscribers
9,000+ LinkedIn Connections

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