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Paul William Davis is a renowned business growth consultant, sought-after speaker, and intuitive personal advisor, with a passion for empowering professionals worldwide to unearth their unique genius and lead their field. As the creator of The Genius Code™ for personal mastery and a three-time best-selling author, Paul is dedicated to helping individuals discover their true purpose, tap into unparalleled fulfilment, and make a profound impact.

Often hailed as a "life-saver" by his clients, Paul has a remarkable talent for identifying the core elements that bring joy, meaning, and personal growth. His intuitive approach, combined with decades of entrepreneurial experience, has transformed countless struggling businesses into multi-million-euro success stories. With a client list that spans industry leaders, celebrities, and innovative entrepreneurs, Paul's expertise transcends borders and sectors.

As an award-winning consultant and visionary thought leader, Paul William Davis is committed to guiding you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, purpose-driven growth, and lasting prosperity.

Interview content relevant to:

Business owners, CEOs, solopreneurs, executives, and individuals facing pivotal moments in life will find immense value in our engaging conversation. Aimed at liberating them from the metaphorical hamster wheel, we will discuss ways for them to get crystal-clear guidance and unwavering certainty for their business or career trajectory. Our discussion will empower listeners to discover a path that leads to heightened fulfilment, profound meaning, and a renewed sense of purpose in both their professional and personal lives.

Sample talking points:

• Debunking the "Why" Myth: Why finding your "Why" might lead you astray and how to truly uncover your purpose.

• Beyond Passion and Ikigai: The overlooked key to discovering your authentic life purpose and its impact on your business.

• Unravelling the Mystery of Life Purpose: A groundbreaking approach to discovering and embracing your true calling.

• The True Essence of Authentic Leadership: Unlocking the secret to empowered leadership and its transformative effects.

• Rethinking EGO: Unveiling the misunderstood connection between EGO and your inner Genius.

• Cultivating a Purpose-Driven Business: How to align your business with your core purpose for lasting success and fulfilment.

• The Genius Code™: Unlocking the secrets to pioneering success and fulfilment.

General topics for an interesting conversation:

Life Purpose – Spirituality – Mental Fitness – Suicide Ideation – Personal Mastery – Self-Worth – Confidence – Business Growth

Some initial questions that hosts and listeners find interesting:

• What are the mistakes people make when trying to find their life purpose?

• How do you find your true life purpose?

• How does someone know if they’re not on their true life purpose?

Paul is the author of:

1. EVOLVE – Look Within Yourself For Business Success (Oak Tree Press 2012)

2. MORE – How You Can Get More Clients, More Fees And More Time (Oak Tree Press 2016)

3. BETTER – Better Business, Better Life, Better World (Co-Authored & Published Internationally 2018)

Studio Technical Specifications:

Microphone - Blue Yeti
Camera - 4k HD
High-Speed Broadband

Social Stats:

5,000+ Email Subscribers
9,000+ LinkedIn Connections

What hosts have said...

“Truthfully, Paul, I found you to be a great guest - you turned up not only with great content and delivery, but how you were set up was very professional - the lighting, the backdrop and microphone were all excellent. The full package was a joy for me - and would be also for any other podcast host who is looking for a real pro who has some great messages for their business community. Change nothing, Paul, it was great! I would be very happy to recommend you to any other podcaster.”

"Paul's message of purpose is so simple, yet powerful. I received great feedback from my audience from having him on and I even felt inspired after our conversation. Having Paul on my podcast was an absolute joy because of his mastery in sharing his unique message. I'd highly recommend him being a guest on anyone's show!"

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