Unleash Your Inner Genius: Transform Your Life With Paul

Get the clarity and certainty for your life to take flight so that you can awaken your inner genius, reach your full potential and live the purpose you were born to make manifest

Unleash Your Inner Genius: Transform Your Life With Paul

Get the clarity and certainty for your life to take flight so that you can awaken your inner genius, reach your full potential and live the purpose you were born to make manifest

What Is Your Unique Genius And True Life Purpose

Every human being has a unique genius and life purpose.

It’s fingerprint specific – or you could say it’s soulprint specific.

There are four elements that make up your Genius You.

They are…

Your Genius Quest is your mission in life – it’s WHAT you are to do… and it’s very specific.

It’s unique to you and it explains what you are to do for the people you will serve – whether it be in the business you’ll create or the career you’ll develop.

It therefore gives you the clarity and focus of WHAT you should be doing in your life and the direction to go in so that you can make a greater impact.

By asking specific questions we can find out what your unconscious Genius Quest is.

Your Genius Drivers are what gives you fulfilment in life.

Imagine you’ve got three buckets infront of you.

Each one of these buckets represents an unconscious Genius Driver that is unique to you.

If you’re not filling these drivers – that’s when you end up feeling unfulfilled, that life is pointless and meaningless – and it feels like you’re just on a hamster wheel treading your way through life.

Your Genius Drivers also activates the genius within you and increases your self-worth. 

Your Genius Drivers are what gives you that joy, that sense of fulfilment, and that zest for life that you crave.

Like your Genius Quest, your Genius Role and your Genius Inspiration; your Genius Drivers operate on an unconscious level – until such time as you know what they are, and then you can design your life with your genius elements in mind, so that you can reach your highest potential and maximum fulfilment.

By asking specific questions we can find out what your unconscious Genius Drivers are.

Your Genius Inspiration is your true WHY.

It’s what gives you the inspiration to fulfil your Genius Quest – your mission in life.

When you know what your Genius Quest is – then your Genius Inspiration makes sense.

Your Unconscious is constantly trying to give you nudges for you to know what your inspiration is, or in other words what your WHY is.

So by asking specific questions we can find out what your unconscious Genius Inspiration is.

Your Genius Role is HOW you are to fulfil your Genius Quest, or your mission in life.

Over all the years I’ve worked with clients I’ve identified 10 distinct Genius Roles.

You unconsciously play one of these Genius Roles throughout your whole life.

It’s a role that you don’t have to work at or develop your skills in – you naturally do this role.

However, in your business, career and life, you play different roles and therefore you end up not being fully aligned to your unconscious Genius Role.

Also each Genius Role has a “Shadow Side” and a “Frustration Point”. It’s these that can cause self-sabotage.

By asking specific questions we can find out what your Genius Role is.

It’s not like a personality assessment like Myers Briggs, or the Enneagram or DiSC.

Your Genius Role is one that you innately do – unconsciously.

Also out of the ten possible Genius Roles, your specific Genius Role is always the one best suited to fulfilling your Genius Quest – they both go hand-in-hand and it’s phenomenal how perfectly they work together.

Each of these four elements are found by looking for the evidence/nudges that your unconscious is giving you.

By asking a specific set of questions and drilling down into the answers, we can discover what your true unique genius and life purpose is – Your “Genius You”

Your Unconscious constantly leaves evidence – it leaves ‘breadcrumbs’ so to speak in order for you to find your way home to fulfilling your life purpose – and these clues or ‘breadcrumbs’ gives you the evidence to know what makes up each of the four elements that is your true genius and life purpose.

So by going through a specific set of questions, we can find that evidence in your life to know what your true genius and unique life purpose is – and that’s the work that we do together.

In all my years of research and my own personal pursuit of purpose and meaning, coupled with the intuitive insights, images and knowings I get for clients, it’s these elements that gives you your unique life purpose.

It’s these four elements that I’ve formed into a methodology that enables you to discover what your true life purpose is.

What is also amazing is how each of these four elements work together in harmony and how they are all interlinked so as to best fulfil your life purpose – it’s the absolute perfection of how the Universe works.

Why you haven't found your life purpose, YET!

There is a lot said online, in books and by many people around the world about life purpose and how you find your life purpose, which is very misleading.

And if you’ve been searching to find your life purpose, you’ve probably come across a lot of this – hence the reason you still haven’t found your true unique life purpose, YET!

Let me explain each of the most common misconceptions…

You will hear a lot of people say that you must find what you’re passionate about.

Well, there are a lot of things that I love doing but they’re nothing to do with my purpose!

You see, passion in this sense is transient – it’s short lived. That’s why you experience a “feast and famine” cycle in their life.

Whereas when you’re doing work in line with your purpose – there’s a much deeper sense of joy and fulfilment that you get.

The enjoyment and drive you get from your true life purpose becomes exponential.

So when you’re looking for what you’re passionate about, you’re really innately looking for fulfilment.  

That’s where your passion follows purpose.

What I mean by that is that the more you are working in line with your purpose, the more your passion increases. It becomes exponential instead of being transient. 

Finding what you’re passionate about is not going to give you your life purpose. 

You may have heard that by finding your WHY, it will give you the sense of meaning and fulfilment that you crave. 

And what people say is, “find why you do what you do”.

But here’s the thing – you might be doing something that is not your purpose!

So, working out why you’re doing what you’re currently doing – is actually going to turn out the be the wrong why!

You’ve got to find your true life purpose first before you understand “why” that is your purpose. 

Secondly, you’re probably trying to figure out your why by “consciously” trying to work it out. 

But your true why comes from your Unconscious. And even if you meditate or journal about your why – you’ll never find it. 

So not only are you trying to work out your why for what you’re currently doing, you’re also trying to figure it out using your “conscious” thinking. 

Your true why can be found very easily – it’s by asking specific questions – and when you ask a key set of questions – then you’ll know your true Unconscious why – your innate inspiration.

You may have come across the Japanese concept of Ikigai. 

If you’re not familiar with the term Ikigai – you might remember it by a set of circles all interlinked. 

The purpose of it is to work out what will give your life meaning. 

And the main circles consist of – what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for.

With that, you work out what you’re passionate about, what your profession could be, what your vocation is, and what your mission is.

That’s where you struggle – what your mission is – WHAT you are to do.

The biggest question for you when trying to find your purpose in life is to find out WHAT you are to do – your MISSION.

Without knowing your WHAT you don’t know what direction you should go in – what your career should be or what your business should be doing in terms of the results or transformation for your clients. 

When you know your What, then you’ll be able to fill in all the circles of the Ikigai diagram.

Victor Frankl is a person that survived the holocaust and concentration camp of World War II – and he wrote a book called “Man’s Search For Meaning”.

And when it comes to finding your life purpose, you’ve probably read this book in the hope of finding the answer – however, you’ve discovered it’s not!

Here’s why – the premise of the book is to find the meaning in what you are experiencing – which is absolutely correct when it comes to understanding the moments and events in your life journey.

However, this is very different to understanding your life purpose and the meaning for your life.

In other words – you can apply a meaning to your life – so as to give yourself a sense of meaning – but it’s not going to give you what your life purpose is. 

When you know what your true life purpose is – then you have a much better understanding of why you are here in this life and what you are here to accomplish – in other words your mission.

Let me tell you who this is really for...

You’re someone that has an inner feeling that you’re here in this life to do something meaningful – to make an impact, to make a difference in other people’s lives in some way but you just haven’t figured out what it is you’re meant to be doing and what direction to go in (yet!).

Whether you’re…

What Is My Life Purpose

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how we will discover your unique life purpose (what I call your Pilot’s Manual 😀) that will give you the clarity and certainty you’ve been searching for.

By us working together you will have:

What clients say...

Paul literally changed my whole path in life. He knew already what that was for me and he gave me an answer that no one else could. He has a very special gift and I just can’t put into words how much he saved my life. I’ve paid for a lot of coaches in my time but Paul is the first one to put me on the right track. You can tell that Paul really does have a passion for helping people and he is so genuine. Paul really does do what he says on the tin! He promises to find your purpose and he delivers exactly that!
Jo Warman – Coach – UK
"Paul has been absolutely instrumental in helping me to figure out my life purpose. I am continuing to work with Paul to align my business with my purpose and I'm excited about what the future holds. A lot of people talk about life purpose but few know how to get you there. Paul is the real deal. "
Teri Holland – Coach – Canada
"I absolutely got what I was looking for which was clarity on why I need to make a move and a clear roadmap as to what that move looks like. I feel excited, full of hope and safe in the knowledge I received. Paul can really help people who have lost their meaning and purpose in life through his gift of intuition which I have never experienced before. This rare gift of intuition is especially powerful when combined with Paul's own track record and business credibility."
T.W. – Director – UK
"I finally received answers to questions that I’ve carried around inside me all my life. I feel confident moving forward with this information and totally supported by all my gifts that were revealed in my time with Paul. I feel I have a roadmap and the direction to move in with confidence. There is huge benefit is getting clarification about your life path and the tools and direction to help you get there. I believe Paul is very gifted and he has created a very organized methodology to reveal answers to these questions that we all have and then provide clear ways to show you how you got there"
Nan Meltzer – Investor – USA
"I have worked and continue to work with Paul for over a year now. He bucks the trend of what people perceive when it comes to both personal and business development. He is open, extremely responsive and an integral part of how I have grown and continue to expand in both business as well as my personal outlook. Invest in yourself by choosing Paul and you will never look back"
Andrew Rhatigan – Real Estate – Ireland

or you can…

How Do We Find Your Life Purpose & Genius...

The Pilot’s Manual session one-to-one with me

The Pilot’s Manual session is one that can be conducted either face-to-face or over zoom. 

It takes typically a half-day to work through everything. 

If we need more time, that’s not a problem and is included in the fee – the whole focus is to get all four elements of your Genius You.

Those four elements being: your Genius Quest, your Genius Role, your Genius Drivers and your Genius Inspiration. 

In other words, your WHAT, your HOW, your WHY and what will provide you with exponential joy and fulfilment. 

Here are some questions people frequently ask…

The Pilot’s Manual session is just like having a conversation between you and me.

During our session together I bring you through the methodology that I’ve developed which consists of a series of questions. 

I’m also using my intuitive gifts to guide some of the questions so as to make sure you align to the insights, images and “knowings” I get for you as we’re working together. 

I will also pass on whatever insights that are needed to be passed on to you for your greater good. 

We will typically be able to find all the four elements of your Pilot’s Manual within three hours – yes we can do it that quickly! 

Many clients are surprised at how quickly we can get the information because they’ve been searching for years and have gone through several other coaches and courses to find what their life purpose is, only to be left feeling despondent and without the information that they need to know what their life purpose is. 

If we need more time, we add on more time or we schedule another session at no extra cost. 

The focus is to get all four elements.  

In my experience and those of my clients – no!

There is nowhere else that you will find all the elements of the Pilot’s Manual – your Genius Quest, your Genius Role, your Genius Drivers and your Genius Inspiration. 

Some people that come to me think they know what their life purpose is, what their drivers are, their role or their why – but every single time, they’ve been wrong.

Others have searched for years, have worked with several coaches and mentors, read numerous books, and yet have been unable to find the answers to their life purpose that they have been searching for, and to the level of clarity and confidence that is provided with the Pilot’s Manual.

All the elements of your life purpose and innate genius come from your Unconscious – that’s why people can’t find the answers for themselves.

The fastest way to know what your true unique life purpose and genius, with all the elements, is by doing the Pilot’s Manual.

Alternatively you can avail of my Discover Your Life Purpose course and this will bring you through the complete methodology where you can then discover for yourself what your life purpose and innate genius is. 

This is very common.

There will be elements of your life, your career or your business that you will enjoy doing – but not all of it.

There will be things that you will do that you are passionate about and love doing – but they’re short lived. 

As soon as something new comes along, you will want to do that new thing – in the hope that it will give you the joy and fulfilment that you’re craving. It’s called shiny object syndrome!

That’s because you’re not on your life purpose. 

When you know each of the elements of your “Genius You” and you’re living your life in accordance with your genius and purpose – then your joy and fulfilment increases exponentially. 

You become more driven to achieve what you are to achieve through your purpose. 

By knowing each of the elements of your Genius You, which are in the Pilot’s Manual, you will know exactly the type of career or business you should pursue.

People try to find out for themselves what inspires them, what excites them, what they love doing or what their passions are – but this is the wrong approach. Hence the reason they haven’t found what they’re looking for.

You won’t and can’t fail. 

I’ve been doing this for so many years and nobody has “failed”.

We will find the answers to the questions – and even if we don’t there is a full refund guarantee. 

We will have our Pilot’s Manual session which typically takes a half-day to complete.

From going through the Pilot’s Manual session you get each of the four elements that make up your Genius You and your true life purpose. 

These elements will be summarised and sent to you in PDF format after the session so that you have a record of them and can refer to them when making any decisions about your life path, career or business. 

You will also receive a PDF  booklet which gives you a deeper understanding of your Pilot’s Manual.

A week or so later, we will have another follow-on session to answer any further questions that you might have and to go through your next steps. 

From this you will have absolute clarity as to what your life purpose is, what direction you should go in for your business or career, what will give you the most enjoyment and fulfilment, and have a focus for your life that is aligned to your innate genius. 

There have been so many people that have already gone through the Pilot’s Manual session. 

You can read what many of these have said by visiting our testimonial page – click here.

In summary, clients will say that they have been searching for years to find what their life purpose is. They have worked with many coaches, have taken several courses and read a plethora of books to find the answer. And have always come up short. 

They have said that they are amazed at how quickly we can discover what their life purpose is and the difference it has made for them in terms of getting clarity, focus, excitement, confidence, truth and insightfulness.

They confirm that they got exactly what they were looking for, which was to know their life purpose, and more.

Following the session they have a lot of realisations as they remember moments in their life where they have been guided and are able to make sense of those moments with the newly-found information. 

They have a definite sense of clarity and focus as to what they are to do and many report back as to amazing things that have happened to them following the session which has helped them to begin to fulfil their life purpose. 

When you complete The Pilot's Manual session exclusively with me, you'll get to Discover...

In addition, you will…

  • Know what direction to go in for your business or career.
  • Receive insights and “knowings” to help you on your journey.
  • Have a plan of what your next steps are.

or you can…

Plus You Are Backed By A Risk-Free Guarantee

I completely understand that you might still have some concerns as to whether this will give you the answers you’ve been searching for months if not years trying to find.

I totally get it. I’ve been there.

That’s exactly why I’ve created this methodology so that it is the most accurate to discover what your true life purpose and genius is and aligns to the insights, “knowings” and visions I get for clients.

Together we are definitely going to discover the four elements that make up your Genius You.

However, if for some reason we just can’t get them – you will receive a full refund of the fee paid.

Some questions that usually come up...

There is absolutely no preparation required. 

Just come to the session relaxed and open to whatever comes up and whatever we discover. 

The main thing will be to make sure you’re in a quiet place, that there are no distractions and that you know you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the session. 

The results of the Pilot’s Manual are very specific.

You will know exactly WHAT you are to do, what will bring you fulfilment, what your unconscious WHY is, and what your unconscious Genius Role is. 

Which way you want to fulfil your mission, or your WHAT, is entirely up to you. That’s where free-will comes into play in life. 

You can choose to fulfil your mission through a career, a business or any number of infinite ways. 

However based on experience, a prominent clear way will reveal itself during our session together.

Everything that is said between the two of us during our sessions together is kept completely confidential. 

You won’t have to go into any specific details about anything you don’t want to. It’s not like a therapy session or reliving past experiences.

I’m over twenty-two years running my own business and confidentiality is something that I hold as one of my highest values. 

It’s because of this level of confidentiality that I’ve worked with so many well-known individuals and people in high public positions where confidentiality is absolutely critical.

Yes I can.

The Pilot’s Manual will tell you exactly what you need to do in terms of your life purpose.

Structuring your business around your life purpose and genius is what I have been doing for over twenty-two years for business owners as an award-winning business growth consultant. 

I am also a qualified management accountant with a strong commercial acumen. 

Typically the next step after completing the Pilot’s Manual is to do what I call the Flight Plan… yes I know, another aviation term 🤣

The Flight Plan maps out the structure for your business, your revenue streams, your ideal market and what actions need to be taken.

We can then work on how you attract clients and increase your fee income. 

There are many ways in which I work with clients and these can all be explored depending on what’s needed. 

After we go through the Pilot’s Manual session, you will have all four elements that makes up the Genius You and your unique life purpose. 

I usually leave at least one week gap before having a follow-up meeting. 

This follow-up meeting is also included in the fee for the Pilot’s Manual.

What happens for clients in that intervening gap is they get a lot of realisations, ah-ha moments and insights which all confirm everything that we discussed in the Pilot’s Manual session.

Clients also get a lot of ideas and ways to move forward with their newly found information and life purpose – and so they have a lot of questions. 

This follow-up session is to work through all of these questions and answer everything that is relevant to their life purpose.

That way you don’t have to worry about forgetting to ask me a question during our Pilot’s Manual session as you’ll be able to keep a note of it and bring it to our follow-up session.

A lot of clients want to have me work with them to make their life purpose a reality and to work out how to monetise their life purpose in terms of a business or a career. 

This is absolutely possible and given my many years as a business consultant in helping business owners develop, grow and scale businesses, along with my intuitive gifts, it makes perfect sense to do this. 

I have several ways in which we can work together either one-to-one, group or online training. 

However I only take on a certain number of one-to-one clients due to capacity.

During our follow-up meeting to the Pilot’s Manual session we can discuss what would be the best suitable option for you. 


You can join the Pilot’s Lounge any time you wish.

There is no obligation to join but it is an excellent resource for you to have.

In the Pilot’s Lounge we have live zoom training and Q&A sessions on two strands – personal mastery and business mastery, along with masterminding with other fellow pilots!

Members love the content that is shared in the Pilot’s Lounge because we have the ability to go deep into all the aspects of personal mastery.

Still "thinking about it"?

If you're motivated by any of the following then you should schedule a 1-to-1 session with me to discuss finding your life purpose and genius:

You want to start living your true life purpose

Whether it’s the job or the business that you feel fully dependent on right now, you still feel unfulfilled and lack direction and focus for your life

You know you are here for something more, something greater, to make a difference, to fulfil your purpose; and there’s a sense of urgency building within you to fulfil your purpose – and you would do it – if you only knew what it is.

You want to help others, it’s what you crave – but to be doing it in line with what you’re meant to be doing – not what someone else says you should do or what you think you should do – to be living life in line with what your Soul wants you to do.

More importantly, you know you can’t keep doing what you’re doing – otherwise something is going to give

You want to feel motivated beyond measure and enjoy life doing what you are meant to be doing.

You're so ready right now to start living your life purpose

You know that once you’re clear on what your life purpose is… then there’ll be no stopping you.

There will be work to be done and challenges to be overcome – but this doesn’t scare you – you just need to know what you are to do.

You’re not afraid of putting in the work – you just don’t want it to be wasted on doing the wrong thing or doing something that you’re going to have to change your life or your business again because you’ve lost the passion for it.

Above all else, you’re ready, willing, and excited to get going on living your life purpose and making a difference

You don't want to lose any more time!

You know how frustrating it is not knowing what your life purpose is and what you should do with your life.

You’ve spent so much time already trying to figure it out, looking for guidance and insights as to what it is – you don’t want to lose any more time.

Once you know, you know you can start making strides in aligning your new life to your life purpose and reaching new altitudes – for your life to take flight!

Now is your time to find out what direction you should go in life.

If any of these motivating factors had you nodding yes in your head...

I plead you to schedule a 1-to-1 session with me where we can arrange your Pilot’s Manual session – not for me – but for yourself.

I know how important it is for people to be living their life purpose, especially right now as we transition and evolve through the coming years – and I know the difference it makes for you when you know exactly what your purpose is. 

You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain.

For the first time ever and despite numerous other coaches, Paul has provided me with a far greater level of clarity and purpose than ever before.

It has given me a huge sense of freedom. This is quite a sea-change from where I have been previously.

I really couldn't have done this without Paul and so I'm very grateful for all of his help, suggestions and guidance, thank you.

I’ve been actively looking for my life purpose for a decade and there are a lot of false promises out there.

Having worked with Paul I can now cite immediately what my life purpose is and what drives me. That means I can exclude projects that will be a waste of the only commodity I can’t get any more of; time.

I now feel that I am at last able to fulfil my destiny.

There were areas that I didn't speak to specifically and yet Paul would see that there was something there and in every instance he called up an aspect of me that I know is there. Having him reflect back to me things I have always known was very reassuring and invigorating at the same time.

Working with Paul to be very grounding, it felt like truth; that Paul was seeing me, despite layers and contradictions. There was also very much a sense/feeling that Paul truly cares and was offering me insights with such good will and positive intentionality.

I can see my destination now with greater clarity. I know the steps I need to take. I would absolutely recommend you to work with Paul to know your life purpose as he will provide the clarity and insight beyond what you will ever hear in another coaching context.

Meeting Paul instantly connected my inner purpose. Since then I’ve been able to really focus and decide exactly where I need to go.

During the two–and–a–half months since meeting Paul, I’ve pivoted my business slightly, I have been developing products and businesses at a phenomenal rate and making connections across the globe.

On our first meeting, I was surprised that Paul was not only a business coach, he has a strong spiritual side to him as well. I could sense this higher level of consciousness in the room, giving more depth and clarity to our conversation which provided the foundation for the changes I needed to make.

Paul was able to give me insights that were invaluable for moving me forward. From the first day I met Paul, and within 2 – 3 days of reading this book, I then found changes happening and happening.

or you can…

I personally cannot wait to guide you to your life purpose and genius

I have been putting people on the right track – their true life purpose, for decades using my empathic intuitive gifts.

From years of working with hundreds of clients; the methodology that I have developed is hands-down the most accurate and easily attainable understanding of what your true life purpose is, and which incorporates all the elements that you need to know with certainty and clarity what direction you should take your life in so as to fulfil your true Soul’s life purpose and awaken your inner genius.

I know that millions of people have searched for years to find what their life purpose is. They’ve tried finding their “Why”, only to realise it doesn’t change anything inside of them. They’ve tried completing Ikigai, but realised they can’t because they don’t know “What” they’re to do in terms of their mission in life. They’ve read Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search For Meaning” only to realise that no matter what meaning they apply to their life, they still feel unfulfilled. And they’ve followed their passions, but realised a short time later that they get bored with it and come back to the same questions – “What is my life purpose, what am I to do in this life, what direction am I to go in”.

I know, because I’ve been there myself.

For years I tried desperately to find my own life purpose and wished for someone to come along and tell me what my life purpose is – the same way as I’ve been able to tell my clients what their true life purpose is. But it never happened. 

So the only way was for me to develop my own methodology that would match the “knowings”, insights and visions I would get for my clients.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to save lives – both literally and metaphorically – as there are so many lost souls in the world – and the world needs people to be on their life purpose. A mission to help people discover their purpose in life, to live a fulfilled life and help them reach their full potential.

You’re here to make a difference in the world.

There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than living your true life purpose, making the difference you are here to make, and reaching your full potential.

Take the first step to unlock your genius potential - schedule a call with me

During your personalised call, we will:

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock a brighter future!

Oh, and One More Thing..

Over the years I’ve learnt that many of my clients find me when they need me the most. It always amazes me – as well as them!

Some clients don’t even know how they came to find me – they just did. And the conversations and insights that have taken place in those circumstances have been both amazing and overwhelming… in a great way.

So if you’re waiting for a sign from the Universe – this is it.

I look forward to connecting with you.