The Purpose Call: How to Live an Inspired Life

In a previous blog, I talked about finding your purpose. Now, some people feel there’s no purpose to life. That you just go through life, doing your job, managing your business, progressing in your career, etc. And, that’s it.

Others are drawn to a state of feeling that, “No, actually there has to be something more to life. There has to be something more that I’m here to do. That there’s a reason or a purpose or a meaning for my life, to be here.”

I also wrote about the different states of being: Belief and Knowing and the critical line between the two. Today we’ll look at the elements that come up as a person is transitioning from a state of Belief to a state of Knowing and moving on to higher states.


The elements of transition from a state of Belief to a state of Knowing

A lot happens when you move from a state of Belief to Knowing. One part of you wants to cling to the old state, while the other wants to move to the higher state of Knowing.

What happens inside is that your state of consciousness – how you’ve operated for many years, tries to hang onto the old world and how it worked. In contrast, the other side wants to move forward to a much easier way of doing things. It’s a battle between your conscious and unconscious thinking.

Why does it matter? Well, the unconscious part of our brains takes in loads of information. Far more than our conscious brains can handle. With this information, it can make connections that our conscious brains cannot make, even on the best of days.

As I’ve explained in a previous blog, The Executive Code works from the Executive Center of the brain to connect with our Unconscious mind and connect us to the SuperConscious.

The weakness in our conscious brain is that it tries to control and make everything logical with its limited information. It’s trying to work out the A-Z steps to accomplish a goal.

However, with its vast trove of information, the Unconscious has the answers already. It’s usually trying to guide us to an easier way of accomplishing a goal or even helping us set better ones aligned to our life purpose.

That’s why the more we try and control, and the more we try and plan and try and think about how things should take place, is going to cause more angst within ourselves.

In contrast, the more we surrender and pass over to be led by the Unconscious part of ourselves, which is connected to the SuperConscious, the more we allow ourselves to be led by that part of ourselves, the easier life becomes.

Yes, it doesn’t make any sense. Indeed, many people find it extremely difficult to wrap their heads around. It’s also difficult to operate from this perspective where you “don’t have any control.”

The only way forward is to completely change our habits and routines from how we’ve lived and operated in the past.


Living from the Unconscious

Like with anything new, it’s frightening and unsettling. It gets easier, though, with practice.

I’ll help you understand the unusual thoughts and feelings that occur as you transition from living from a “conscious” perspective to living from the Unconscious.

Ultimately, it’s about forming new habits and a new way of doing things.

Here’s a quick example:

When in the past, you’ve been working on a problem, and you’re consciously thinking of a way of figuring out that particular problem, to find an answer, to find a solution. And for whatever reason, you just can’t work out the solution to that specific problem, and you’ve been working on it for days, if not weeks, if not longer than that.

And you still can’t come up with the solution to your problem because you’re again consciously thinking about it. But then, lo and behold, you wake up one morning, and as you’re brushing your teeth or as you’re having your shower or whatever it might be, you’re going through your daily routine. What happens is that you get an inspired thought into your mind.

For some people, the flash of inspiration happens at night when you wake up suddenly, typically between three and four o’clock in the morning.

What’s happening is that the Unconscious mind has been working on that problem and trying to give you the solution to that problem. Hence, the reason why it’s giving you that inspired thought as you’re going about doing something else that’s completely routine.

When you understand it from this perspective, you realize, “Okay, so if you hand it over to the Unconscious mind, well then we’re tapping into that amazing power of infinite possibilities to solve whatever problems that we’re trying to solve. But equally to actually bring about whatever our goals, our objectives are that we’re trying to make manifest.”

Put another way: If we were to stop consciously thinking and trust the Unconscious to lead us more, our lives would become awfully a lot easier!

Some people refer to the Unconscious as a gut feeling or intuition. It doesn’t matter what you call it. The question for you is this: The times you’ve followed those signals or those nudges or those gut feelings or those moments of intuition, those moments of inspired thought, what was the outcome?

I can pretty much guarantee that it was always for the positive, whereas the times you went against your intuition, your gut feeling, had typically, and I would estimate, have also led to the negative part.


How to become more attuned to the Unconscious

I’m encouraging you to become more attuned, sensitive or connected to your Unconscious.

The Unconscious brain takes in and processes more information than your conscious selves. It then communicates to you through the Executive Center of your brain to guide all your actions through nudges and inspired thoughts.

However, as you move from the State of Belief to Knowing and learning to trust the Unconscious, you start experiencing unusual emotions and feelings. This happens because you’re adapting to living in two totally different modes.

Some of the emotions and thoughts that come up include:


1. Restlessness

It occurs because our unconscious mind is trying to guide us towards something more splendid, something much bigger than ourselves.

This inner restlessness is an inner feeling that, “Do you know what, what I’m doing right now doesn’t feel right. Whatever I’m doing right now in my business or career is not what I want to be doing … I should be doing something different. Or there’s just an unease in what it is that I’m doing.”

And you’re being led to do something else. You’re being led to explore a new avenue, different opportunities.

Now, it may not be completely radical. Sometimes it’s just minor changes to how you operate.

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2. Sense of lack of focus and direction

At the moment of transition, you get disoriented because all along, you knew what you were doing – in your business, career, life etc.

You knew what worked. But, as you transition from Belief to Knowing, the direction is changing. You don’t always know where to head.

Ultimately, we’re looking for that image or picture of where we should be heading, the new course for our business or career.

Here’s the most challenging part for many people: You won’t get that image for yourself because your Unconscious mind is trying to teach you to trust it and KNOW that it’s guiding you in the right direction.

Like I’ve mentioned in the snakes and ladders game of life, if you knew the end picture in its entirety, all the fun would go out of the game. Part of the fun in life is not knowing what comes next!


Learning to trust the Unconscious

The Unconscious doesn’t give you the end image. It keeps it from you to get you to surrender and trust that you’re being guided every single step of the way.

But, the more you keep flipping back to work from your conscious mind, the more anxious and terrifying it gets. It’s a feeling of being at a crossroads.

It can lead to depression. You no longer see the point of life or living. You may even feel unfulfilled.

What’s really happening is that you’re being shifted over to a different track and being asked to pivot your career or business to a different direction.

All these feelings act as a feedback mechanism that we’re not living how we’re meant to be living. You feel like you’re living below your potential and want to shake things up.


Feathers, Bricks and Trucks: Nudges in the right direction

I use the analogy of the feather, the brick, and the truck to explain how the Unconscious nudges us in the right direction.

So, imagine a feather, a brick and a truck.


The Feather(s)

The feather is light. The Unconscious starts with a light touch to guide us in a particular direction.

Now, how it comes about in our life is that we get that inspired thought or get ideas into our minds of what we should be doing.

And it can be just an action or just something that we maybe should be sending an email over to somebody, or making a phone call or some thought that comes in our mind saying that, “Oh my God, wouldn’t it be great if I did X in my business?” And then we just forget about those thoughts.

Inspired thoughts happen in many ways. It can occur in a conversation, and you hear something that just clicks. It can even be from a movie or reading a book. However, if you ignore or forget about it, in comes the Brick.


The Brick(s)

The brick is heavier and more subtle than the feather.

It shows up in the form of sickness. It can be temporary, in your body or even your business, like losing a significant client that would need long periods to recover from.

The brick puts you down, confining you to bed or the hospital. And in those months, you’re given space to start looking inward, think, and contemplate a better life.

Bricks are things that set us back but that we can easily overcome. But, they do leave a mark.

If we fail to listen to the feather and the Brick, the Truck comes along.


The Truck(s)

A truck shows up in the form of a divorce, a separation, redundancy in a career whereby it’s been thrown upon us, and we have to make a change.

It’s a severe illness that literally stops us in our tracks. In some cases, we can overcome it. In others, we have to live with it for the rest of our days.

It could also be a business failure or being stripped of everything. When it happens, we have to change our lives at that stage.

These are the three types of unconscious signals or unconscious nudges that happen in people’s lives.

Think back over your life. When have you encountered feathers, bricks or trucks, and how did that alter your life?

COVID-19 is a great example. It has changed most people’s lives for good.

So when you look at your space right now, where you are in business or life, what are you being called towards? What is it that it’s asking you to change? And what has been that inner desire for yourself to do differently, to move towards something different.

How do you want your life, business, relationships or career to be different? What steps do you need to take right now?


Summary: What’s holding you back?

Pinpoint what’s holding you back from living a more inspired life. Once you do, take the next best action to dissolve it.

These are just some of the questions that you can ponder for yourself. They’re very specific questions, but you must consider them and look for the inward answer.

The inward answer is your communication with your Unconscious. Don’t consciously think about the answers to these questions; unconsciously summon up the answers to the questions.

The more you ponder on them and seek answers, the more you’re going to be guided in the right direction. When you take that leap, you start moving from the State of Belief to a state of Knowing and to higher states.

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